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Teachers are loving it

“This has taken me less time to plan, but I’ve spent more time teaching this unit.”

~ Ashley Barrington, Fort McMurray Public School District, Fort McMurray, AB

“This unit definitely has saved me lots of time.  It is very complete.  Normally this is the unit that we have the least resources for.”

~ Lily Ma, Winterburn Elementary, Edmonton, AB

“The Ignition Pack gives the kids who don’t get out into nature, the ability to see it.”

~ Shannon Marissen, Greely Road Public School, Fort McMurray, AB

“I was fortunate to have piloted the grade five Wetlands Science unit. I was very impressed with the "at home" feel of the unit. It was accurate to Alberta wetlands/climate and environmental concerns. The specific nature of the lessons and especially the wonderful videos engaged students. They were focused and excited about the next Wetland activity that was available. It was wonderful to have such a variety of hands on experiments, beautiful cards relating to the plants and animals of Alberta's wetlands and discussion starters. My students were thrilled with this unit. The support from MindFuel was amazing!”

~ Marvilyn Armstrong, Mountain Park School, Calgary, AB

Our Supporters

Ignition Packs

Creating an Ignition Pack

All Ignition Pack resources are created with the support of teachers, education experts and scientists. Each Ignition Pack is created with the support of:

  • approximately 40 teachers
  • over 20 science experts
  • leaders in educational design and assessment
  • a team of over a dozen employees and contractors
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Scott and Anne Kirker


Sponsor an Ignition Pack in your Local School

We are constantly approached by organizations or individuals that want to contribute to their local school and aren’t sure how. As a result, we have worked with a number of organizations to find schools that need more science resources.


The Rotary Club of Calgary

Rotary Club of Calgary West




Teacher Supporters

Teachers who participate in the development of Ignition Pack resources have a higher likelihood of being chosen as beta testers. All beta testers are given Ignition Pack resources for free as a thank you for providing us with feedback. If you would like to join our list of potential beta teachers, please click on the button below.

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