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Teachers are loving it

“This has taken me less time to plan, but I’ve spent more time teaching this unit.”

~ Ashley Barrington, Fort McMurray Public School District, Fort McMurray, AB

“This unit definitely has saved me lots of time.  It is very complete.  Normally this is the unit that we have the least resources for.”

~ Lily Ma, Winterburn Elementary, Edmonton, AB

“The Ignition Pack gives the kids who don’t get out into nature, the ability to see it.”

~ Shannon Marissen, Greely Road Public School, Fort McMurray, AB

“I was fortunate to have piloted the grade five Wetlands Science unit. I was very impressed with the "at home" feel of the unit. It was accurate to Alberta wetlands/climate and environmental concerns. The specific nature of the lessons and especially the wonderful videos engaged students. They were focused and excited about the next Wetland activity that was available. It was wonderful to have such a variety of hands on experiments, beautiful cards relating to the plants and animals of Alberta's wetlands and discussion starters. My students were thrilled with this unit. The support from MindFuel was amazing!”

~ Marvilyn Armstrong, Mountain Park School, Calgary, AB


View Available Bust-A-Myths

True or False? A penny dropped from a really tall building could kill someone walking below.

Sometimes science surprises us with how things work. A skyscraper is so tall that a falling penny would gather enough force to really hurt someone below. Right? How do we find out the truth about how something really works?

This new resource by Ignition Pack asks students to explore common myths using simple science.

Bust-A-Myth Includes

  • hands-on lessons
  • digital interactive tools

Using simple lessons, engaging digital resources and easy to find materials, students are able to determine what is actually happening in their world and gain a much better understanding of how real scientists confirm or bust their hypotheses.

Ignition Pack’s first Bust-A-Myth is slated to be available in April 2014. If you would like to be notified of its release, let us know below.

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